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The Xaros Reckoning (Book 9)



The Xaros Reckoning (Book 9)

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The Xaros Reckoning (Book 9)

By Richard Fox

The final battle begins. 

The Xaros Masters destroyed Bastion, the Alliance against the alien invaders has failed. Earth stands against the full force of the enemy’s unending drone fleets.

With their backs against the wall, Captain Valdar and the Breitenfeld must lead a last ditch mission to end the war against the Xaros.

Can humanity pay the price for ultimate victory?


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AUTHOR: Richard Fox
PAGES: 358
YEAR: 2016

Q&A with the Richard Fox:

Q&A with Richard Fox: 

Is this the end of the Ember War books? 
The war against the Xaros ends with this story. There’s closure, I promise. There will be more from the characters you know and love in future novels.

So you’re not going to hit us with book 10? 
Nope. Future stories (or those set before the events of The Ember War) will be stand alone.