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The Ruins of Anthalas (Book 2)



The Ruins of Anthalas (Book 2)

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The Ruins of Anthalas (Book 2)

By Richard Fox

An ancient holocaust holds the key to humanity’s survival.

Only a sliver of mankind survived the Xaros invasion. With Earth’s defenses in ashes, nothing can stop the aliens’ inevitable return. Hope arrives from a cryptic message from a long-lost alien race, promising the means to rebuild the shattered space fleet. Captain Valdar takes one of the last strike carriers, the Breitenfeld, and his shell-shocked crew on a desperate mission to the dead world.

Unfortunately, humans aren’t the only power that received the ancient message…

THE RUINS OF ANTHALAS is the second book in THE EMBER WAR SAGA, a military sci-fi space opera. If you like David Weber and John Ringo with a touch of Isaac Asimov, then you’ll love this fast-paced and captivating adventure where humanity survives at the edge of a knife.

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AUTHOR: Richard Fox
PAGES: 452
YEAR: 2015

Q&A with the Richard Fox:

What’s in store for the crew of the Breitenfeld?

The war with the Xaros is far from over. In this story we’ll meet new enemies, new allies and learn that Marc Ibarra isn’t done manipulating the human race. There’s plenty of action, intrigue, and sci-fi adventure, but on a much larger scale as the war grows to include the Alliance that saved humanity from the Xaros invasion.

If this was a movie, what would it be rated?
Still PG-13 for and wartime violence some language.

When can we expect the next adventure?
Book 3 (tentative title BLOOD OF HEROES) will be out on December 11th, 2015.