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Ferrum Corde (Book 6)



Ferrum Corde (Book 6)

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Ferrum Corde (Book 6)

By Richard Fox

The war against the Kesaht Alliance enters its final days, and Earth is losing.

The Terran Union must launch one last desperate assault to save itself, but the enemy is legion and ready to crush the battle-weary human forces.

Earth needs the Ibarra Nation to join the fight, but Stacey Ibarra has other plans.

She hunts for a super weapon that will forever alter the balance of power in the galaxy, all the while her mind teeters on the brink of insanity. Roland, her loyal Armor soldier, must decide if she can be trusted to wield the Ark, or if she’s too dangerous to rule the nation he swore to defend.

Gideon, his hatred of his former lance mate as white hot as ever, waits for his chance to exact revenge against Roland for his betrayal.

Can old vendettas be forgotten? Can the Iron Dragoons reunite to save us all?

The second Ember War series rockets to its epic, and tragic, conclusion!


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AUTHOR: Richard Fox
PAGES: 431
YEAR: 2019

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