Valdar’s Hammer (Book 3) - Richard Fox Author

Valdar’s Hammer (Book 3)

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Valdar’s Hammer (Book 3)

By Richard Fox

War has come to Syracuse, and only one team of Terran Strike Marines can save the planet. They are Valdar’s Hammer.

Admiral Isaac Valdar leads the Breitenfeld, and a fleet of Dotari allies, in a last-ditch attempt to break a Kesaht blockade over the human colony. Failure means the death of millions – but the aging carrier and her commander have a reputation for miracles.

Outnumbered and outmatched, Valdar sends his elite Strike Marines into the breach. Lieutenant Hoffman must lead his battle-worn troops into the heart of a shattered moon on a desperate gamble to turn the tide. But fighting alongside the Dotari is its own challenge, and the Kesaht aren’t the only enemy to deal with…

The Ember War universe is going to change forever.

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AUTHOR: Richard Fox
PAGES: 267
YEAR: 2018

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