The True Measure (Book 3) - Richard Fox Author

The True Measure (Book 3)

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The True Measure (Book 3)

By Richard Fox

The Ibarra Nation holds Roland prisoner. The armor soldier’s fate lies in the hands of the inhuman Stacey Ibarra. 

Roland will face the truth behind the Ibarra rebellion and decide if his loyalties are to Earth, or his ideals.

While the Iron Dragoons recover from their last battle, dark forces are at work. Gideon is called as a witness to New Bastion, where the treaty that opened the stars to humanity may force all-out war with the Ibarras or turn the rest of the galaxy against Earth.

Beyond the edge of known space, an old enemy readies a vendetta that can only be ended with humanity’s extinction.

The Dragon Award-winning series continues in the action-packed The True Measure!


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AUTHOR: Richard Fox
PAGES: 445
YEAR: 2017

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