The Long March (Book 2) - Richard Fox Author

The Long March (Book 2)

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The Long March (Book 2)

By Richard Fox

Albion burns beneath Daegon rule.

Commodore Thomas Gage and his fleet, safeguarding the last of the Albion Royal Family, are on the run. Hunting them, a ruthless Daegon commander will stop at nothing to crush Albion’s only remaining free force.

To find sanctuary beyond their enemy’s reach, the battle-damaged fleet must cut through a hostile and dangerous region of space known as the Kigeli Nebula. But to secure passage, Gage must strike a deal with an old enemy who wants nothing more than to fulfill a vendetta and see the commodore dead.

Facing threats ahead, behind and from within, Gage must lead his fleet down the Long March to freedom.

THE LONG MARCH is the second novel in an action-packed military space opera series by the best-selling author of the Ember War Saga and Iron Dragoons.


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AUTHOR: Richard Fox
PAGES: 496
YEAR: 2017

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