The Dotari Salvation (Book 1) - Richard Fox Author

The Dotari Salvation (Book 1)

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The Dotari Salvation (Book 1)

By Richard Fox

When The Terran Union has a mission that must not fail, it calls upon the Strike Marines.

They are trained to improvise, adapt, overcome and win every fight.

A deadly disease threatens the Dotari, Earth’s allies, with extinction. The cure lies in deep space, and Lieutenant Hoffman and his team will join the starship Breitenfeld as it journeys into the void and makes a desperate attempt to save the dying race.

Lurking in the abyss is a threat that’s waited with inhuman patience. Hoffman must lead his Marines through a gauntlet and evade a foe designed to hunt and kill them.

The Dotari Salvation is an action-packed military science fiction adventure set in the best-selling Ember War universe.

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AUTHOR: Richard Fox
PAGES: 385
YEAR: 2018

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