The Beast of Eridu (Book 4) - Richard Fox Author

The Beast of Eridu (Book 4)

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The Beast of Eridu (Book 4)

By Richard Fox

An ancient Beast awakens, and only Lieutenant Hoffman and his Strike Marines can put it down.

On the sweltering jungle world of Eridu, hidden in an ancient vault is an artifact which will change the course of the war against the ever-encroaching Kesaht armada. But guarding it is a deadly creature, a Beast with the ability to destroy any technology it encounters.

When modern equipment fails the Strike Marines, and with the fledgling human colony on Eridu under threat, they must turn to a hero of the Ember wars and a tracker without peer.

Stueben, the Karigole warrior.

But The Beast isn’t the only threat the Terran Strike Marines still face. Another enemy lurks in the shadows of Eridu. One bent on revenge against Hoffman.

Read the latest installment of Terran Strike Marines, an action-filled military science fiction adventure full set in the Ember War Universe.

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AUTHOR: Richard Fox
PAGES: 411
YEAR: 2018

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