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Terra Nova (Book 1)

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Terra Nova (Book 1)

By Richard Fox, Josh Hayes

Terra Nova. The promised world is humanity’s new home, safe from the threats of a dangerous galaxy, where veterans of a long war could live in peace. The promise was a lie.

Chief Katherine “Kit” Carson, of the elite Pathfinder Corps, joins the mission as a last-minute replacement, hoping to put a spotty past behind her and build a new life on a brave new world.

The expedition arrives on Terra Nova, expecting to join the first wave of colonists, instead they find abandoned cities and are soon faced with a new, terrifying enemy humanity has never encountered before.

For the colony to survive, Carson must unravel the mystery of her new home and learn the fate of the first mission to settle the planet

Terra Nova is the first chapter in an exciting new series of space exploration, alien first contact, and adventure across brave new worlds. Join the team and read today!

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AUTHOR: Richard Fox, Josh Hayes
PAGES: 388
YEAR: 2017

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